Katrina McGhee

Author | Speaker | CEO, Loving on Me

Hey, I’m so excited to share my new book along with our line of inspirational journals to support you on your personal journey of transformation. I hope it blesses you! ❤

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What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What to Do, But It’s Time to Do Something Different?

You feel it. Those yearnings from the depth of your soul, telling you it’s time to make a change. The status quo is no longer enough. You want more for your life than just going through the motions, and you deserve it. It’s time for you to live—fully, completely, and abundantly. The question is how?

Loving on Me reveals the answers that allow you to access the more God has in store for you. Through a series of powerful life lessons inspired by Katrina McGhee’s personal journey of transformation, you’ll discover how you too can embrace faith, release fear, and experience the fullness of life for which you were designed.

 Whether starting from a place of stagnation, hurt, or overwhelming confusion, you can:

  • Learn to accept who you are, and know that you are enough.
  • Release the guilt of your past, and seize the opportunities in your present.
  • Live up to your expectations, rather than down to your circumstances.
  • Walk in faith, even when the path leads outside your comfort zone.

Grab a copy today and find out how to break free from who you thought you had to be and embrace the dynamic, extraordinary person God created you to be.

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