Katrina McGhee

Author | Speaker | CEO, Loving on Me

Transformational Training

For more than 25 years, I’ve been blessed to work for and with some of America’s greatest organizations. From my first job as a Royalty Analyst at ARCO Oil and Gas to my last position as EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, it’s been a wild and wonderfully rewarding career journey. Now I’m excited about this new season of my life, where I get to share much of what I’ve learned with you! Each of my courses is designed to increase individual success while also improving overall team performance. Check out this year’s available group classes.


If you want your sales team to be better storytellers, this course is for you. Over the course of two days, your fundraising team will garner hands on experience that will help them understand how to package, position and present the opportunity to partner with your organization. Here’s what I include in the course:

  • 40 facts they need to know about your organization
  • Understanding of their organization’s unique positioning in the market 
  • Confidence in telling the organization’s story in a compelling fashion
  • Plan for building their personal brand to build their pipeline


Is your team looking to increase corporate partnerships, but unfamiliar with the corporate lingo? In just two days, we’ll review the basic sales cycle, explore a variety of different industries and structures that are common in corporate/charitable partnerships, and practice contextualizing the consistent organizational messaging identified in the “What’s in Your Toolbox” course. Participants leave with a better understanding of the following:

  • Speaking the corporate partner’s language
  • Identifying and pursuing prospects
  • Articulating mutual benefits
  • Developing partnership packages
  • Sealing the deal


When your team members power up their personal brand, they take what sets them apart – their unique gifts, talents, and expertise – and package them for career and sales success. In this half-day course, each participant will leave with a personalized brand plan that includes the following:

  • Audit of their existing online and offline positioning
  • Understanding of their unique values, strengths and talents
  • Road map for publishing and maintaining their personal brand
  • Recommendations for expanding their network


Do your team members know their personal speaking style? If not, here’s the course you’ve been looking for to help them build confidence and deliver with clarity. This one-on-one and group training combination includes custom scenarios that participants utilize to develop and deliver mock sales presentations to a panel of 3, and receive immediate feedback and coaching. Day two includes group training and extemporaneous speaking. Presenters practice the following:

  • Understanding context and selecting impactful content
  • Delivering clear and concise presentations
  • Maximizing personal presentation style
  • Crafting a powerful close